Thinner Maria Maksakova decided on a bold transformation

Похудевшая Мария Максакова решилась на дерзкое преображение The singer appeared at the event, which was held in one of the galleries of Kiev. Maria Maksakova was published together with other, known in Ukraine as an art critic Konstantin Doroshenko. Opera diva and her friend appreciated the work of internationally renowned figures of contemporary art.
Похудевшая Мария Максакова решилась на дерзкое преображение

Opera diva Maria Maksakova was among the guests of the opening of the international exhibition “Fragile state”, held in the center of Kiev. In the capital of Ukraine brought the work of ten leading figures of modern art, including Marina Abramovic, Damien Hirst, AI Weiwei and Douglas Gordon.

Thinner Maria Maksakova was surprised hair like a boy

Among the guests were Minister Judith Gough, the designer Svetlana Bevza, gallery owner Marina shcherbenko and many other fans of modern art. The widow of the former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov attended a social event with a friend, the art critic and curator Konstantin Doroshenko.

For the public appearance of the famous singer chose a suit of white and yellow flowers. Your way Maria added a fur vest with a wide belt and a clutch bag to match. It is worth noting that the Opera singer looked terrific – many have found that really suits her short hair, which she decided to lay in an unusual way. In addition, Maksakova prefer bright makeup with emphasis on the lips.

Похудевшая Мария Максакова решилась на дерзкое преображение

Fans of the actress appreciated it a trendy way of numerous comments and likes. According to them, Mary is in fine form. “You look just gorgeous! Clever”, “Bomb”, “Only super, keep it up”, “Unforgettable”, “Brilliant”, “Beauty”, is discussed by users of social networks.

Not less brisk reaction to photo of Maria Maksakova, where she poses on the background of the installation of Douglas Gordon’s “End of civilization”. “Noble”, “Lady of fire”, “Wow! Fantastic girl,” wrote members of the famous actress.

Похудевшая Мария Максакова решилась на дерзкое преображение

Earlier, Maria Maksakova gave a candid interview with friend Konstantin Doroshenko, which was released on YouTube. During the conversation with well-known art critic, the singer has talked about how it relates to the activities of the actor Stanislav Sadalsky, which often affect her relationship with her mother Lyudmila Maksakova. Singer quite sharply spoke about the activities of the actor, giving to understand that it is unpleasant such statements and publications.

As noted by Maria, the man is earning popularity due to scandals. “In his nature there is something, how to say, some kind of abnormality. He very well manages to convert this specific prominence almost marginal wing. It is also known that has a blog. Like a magnet, gathers around itself a strange audience…” – said the singer.

Let us also add that last week the Kyiv Prosecutor’s office announced the arrest of a suspect in the murder of Denis Boronenkov. “This is only the beginning” – commented briefly Maksakova in one of the social networks.