Former The spouses failed to improve relations.

Dmitry Tarasov and Olga Buzova divorced in 2016 with a scandal. After that, the host for a long time in an interview recalled her ex-husband with an unkind word. The football player remained silent for a long time and only six years later he decided to give an interview where he spoke about the reasons for the divorce. According to him, he wanted children, and Olga thought only about her career. Now he does not regret that he spoke about his ex-wife, because all these years he has been criticized by her fans.

< p> “I'm tired of listening to lies. Olya was hyped on a divorce and, taking advantage of the fact that I was silent, she had already begun to tell an outright lie. I think I did the right thing by speaking out,” Tarasov said in an interview with Lady

After two divorces, he finally found the kind of family he dreamed of, and in Anastasia Kostenko he found everything that he wanted to see in his beloved woman. His relationship with her initially developed differently than with Buzova. At the same time, Dmitry assures that he did not cheat on his ex-wife with his current one. Being married to Olga, he maintained only friendly communication with Anastasia, although chemistry immediately appeared between them.

“Olga and I entered into a marriage contract. Because we initially did not have trust. I wanted children and a family, and she wanted to get married. And I had just come from there, in litigation that put a lot of pressure on me. I was calm, we will sign the documents. She agreed. Everything was said frankly, eye to eye. And I believed Nastya, so the answer to your question is yes, we have everything in half with her, “Tarasov said.

By the way, recently they want rumors about financial problems in the Tarasov family. They put up for sale the house that the football player built while still married to Buzova. But he assures that he did this because their children are growing up, and the family needs to move closer to the center, where schools and various sections are located.

And a few days ago, Kostenko flew to Dubai, where she underwent breast augmentation surgery. Based on the way she advertised the clinic and the doctor, subscribers decided that she did not have to pay for plastic surgery. jpg” alt=”"There was no trust": Dmitry Tarasov told why he entered into marriage dorogov with Olga Buzova” />

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