Dima Bilan and Basta rocked at the Dubai festival According to Dima Bilan, the atmosphere was incredibly hot.

Dima Bilan and Basta lit up at the Dubai festival Beyoncé, Basta and Dima Bilan became the first three performers at the large-scale international venue Atlantis the Royal in Dubai
First there was a loud opening with a concert by Beyoncé, and then the Big Art Festival with performances by Dima Bilan and Basta.

It is worth recognizing that the organizers of the festival, Maxim Berin and Jorge Iglesias, are real titans of their work, and each of their events is yet another proof of this.

Of course, the grand opening of Atlantis the Royal required international scope. But even after it, you need to keep the bar, and Dima Bilan and Basta are those artists who raise the bar of any event with their presence.

Dima Bilan and Basta rocked at the Dubai festival

After finishing his performance, Dima admitted that he had not performed in Dubai for a long time and was very touched by the warmth of the reception of the public and the degree of our interaction.

“At such events, all patterns are literally broken: the format of a gala dinner, but, nevertheless, I felt like one with the guests who danced and “lit up” with me throughout the entire performance! The atmosphere at the Big Art Festival concert at Atlantis the Royal was incredibly hot. Thank you for such a rock and roll and a warm welcome! See you!” – Bilan shared his impressions of the performance.

Dima Bilan and Basta set fire at the Dubai festival

And indeed, Berin and Iglesias succeed to unite audiences from different countries at their events, and at the Big Art Festival there was an atmospheric merger of artists and guests of the event. It is no coincidence that guests book the best tables for events a few weeks before the date of the event. Where else will you see Dima Bilan and Basta in one evening and on the same stage? Well, in the near future, Maxim Berin and Jorge Iglesias have festivals in Porto Cervo, Monaco, Capri and Marmaris. And a beautiful and bright event is expected everywhere.

Dima Bilan and Basta lit up at the festival in Dubai

And one cannot help but recall that one of the official partners of the festival was the PR agency of Marina Ermoshkina.

Dima Bilan and Basta lit up at the festival in Dubai
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