«Свои песни пою с закрытыми глазами»: САМЕДЛИ о карьере и планах
Samedli is young, but very ambitious singer who is willing to exchange the career of a banker to a career as a musician.

«Свои песни пою с закрытыми глазами»: САМЕДЛИ о карьере и планах

How your family refers to the beginning of your path of the artist?

My whole family support me in this. Moral support of my family is very important to me.

How long have you been in the Studio to record the track?

On average, one to two days in the week.

I think to make clips for their songs? Looks like a perfect clip in your understanding? What it should contain?

Yes, I think. I believe that the video needs to convey some emotion, because it’s like a mini-movie where people cry, laugh and everything like that. It must be removed efficiently and for real, not simulated.

What do you do besides music? There are some Hobbies that take up much of your time?

Working in a Bank.

Do you have a reference point among contemporary artists? What qualities and strengths of the singers consider most important?

In the first place – sincerity and honesty towards her music and her audience.

You studied at the Plekhanov University. What’s your major? Did the University you some knowledge that are now important to you?

The management of the organization. Actually received rather than knowledge, and practical skills – negotiation skills, for example. Honestly, I studied so-so. Constantly had to negotiate with the teachers for successful completion of those or other subjects) Even once had to ask a girl out on a date for the report.

You got out the song “Atlantis”, and planning new tracks, if so, when and on what topics?

Plan to release very many tracks. They will all be with their history, but I will not stick to any one genre when writing. I’ll be experimenting. The output will be a quality product, I’m sure.

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