Младшая дочь Татьяны Навки гастролирует вместе с мамой The skater and her little heiress inseparable. Tatiana Navka these days is in Sochi with the show “Carmen”. In between performances and rehearsals star mother spends time with a two year old Hope.

      Младшая дочь Татьяны Навки гастролирует вместе с мамой

      Famous figure skater and TV presenter Tatiana Navka adores his two daughters, the eldest is Alexandra and little Hope. But if a 16-year-old Alexander has long been an independent unit, that little Nadia will long to be under the care and watchful care of its mother star.

      Tatiana Navka prefers not to part with the baby, which in August will be two years, and takes her with him on tour. Moreover, that they fell this time to the beautiful city of Sochi, which ” loves for a number of reasons. It is on the shore of the Black sea is now a big success of the popular ice show “Carmen”, where renowned champion of dancing the title role. Well, all my free time Tatiana Navka holds, of course, with his beloved daughter Hope. In the microblog skater has a photo utilisee her fans. It star mom and her heiress is depicted resting on the beach. Two bright beauties-blondes – adult and small – sitting on the pebbles and watch the oncoming one after another, waves of the sea. However, Tatiana Navka and even glances at the sky, because in Sochi promised a storm.

      “Sochi! And the forecast showed thunderstorms. Things can change last minute, signed the Olympic champion.

      It is worth noting that even at the beach, Tatiana Navka looks very stylish. For relaxing on the shore she chose a bright yellow swimsuit and sunglasses frames of the same color.

      On the small Hope of charming pink bathing shorts and special shoes for the beach in the same colors. “Beauty!”, – reacted on the mother-daughter groupie Tatiana Navka.

      It should be noted that the skater has only recently allowed their fans to see how adorable the girl grows to be her heiress. However, declassified face of Hope Tatiana Navka and producer Yana Rudkovskaya, probably with the agreement of athletes. Tatiana Navka no longer hide the youngest daughter

      It happened during the celebration of the birthday of Philip Kirkorov, the singer invited his friends along with the children. Photo star the heirs made a splash in the network, but most of all the comments were addressed to the little Nadya. Users have noted that the little girl is incredibly sweet and is growing a small replica of his beautiful mother Tatiana Navka.

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