The youngest daughter Stroganovyh became a mother

Младшая дочь Стриженовых стала мамой 17-year-old Alexander reported about the joyous event. She became godmother to the son of her older sister. Strizhenova hastened to share with the fans emotions for this reason.
Младшая дочь Стриженовых стала мамой

13 APR Alexander and Catherine Strizhenova was born first grandchild. The eldest daughter of the star couple gave birth to a boy named Peter. Now young women are increasingly sharing touching photos with baby.

As it turned out, Anastasia has managed to baptize the boy. This was reported by her younger sister Alexandra on Instagram.

“My little nephew, my first godson, my great love”, signed photograph of baby Alexander.

In the picture the boy is depicted asleep in the crib. The touched by the many fans of the girls. Itself Sasha, apparently, incredibly happy, because now she is the godmother adorable kid.

Previously, Anastasia Strizhenova showed a photo of his son. A couple of days ago she touchingly congratulated the Pope with birthday by posting a frame in which the newly-born grandfather holding a little Peter on his hands.

“Dad was born today! Happiness! This is a tremendous feast for me and my family. Dad made a wonderful, I love it! Daddy, happy birthday! As you look here on Pete Petrovich, the heart is love.” – wrote to the eldest daughter Stroganovyh.

Apparently, the star of the relatives chained to the baby. Ekaterina Strizhenova earlier admitted that the eldest daughter made her incredibly happy. Now Anastasia is in new York with her husband and son.

By the way, this year Stroganovyh youngest daughter graduated from high school. In recognition of Catherine, and her husband was hard to come to terms with growing up Alexandra. “Today my dad and realized that you’ve grown, and we are a little sad,” signed by the presenter of the frame with the last call.

For many fans Strizhenov are an example to follow. Alexander and Catherine already 30 years together. They manage not only to build a successful career in television, but also to pay attention to the special people. Spouses do not get tired to confess each other in love and talking about feelings that feel for each other.