Младшая дочка Анны Седоковой добилась успеха в спорте
The proud dad spoke about the achievement of little Monica.

Anna Sedokova and Maxim Cherniavsky, although I do not live for many years together, raising a total daughter — five-year Monica are together. Judging by social media, the Pope responsible for the fact that she grew up a sports girl. Is Maxim leads Monica to karate classes, where recently she received the symbol of his first victory over himself.

Chernyavsky said that to Monica on the eve of the solemnly handed the first belt in karate. Success daughter the proud father wrote in his microblog. “Monica is the principle of “dad helps those who help themselves” and this week received his first belt in karate!” — he shared.

It should be noted that the second daughter Sedokova — Alina not so long ago cut through a genuine interest in gymnastics. However, it happened only after Anna took her daughter out of the sport and gave her up for tennis. “Alina is my personal victory and an example to follow, — says the singer. I took it from gymnastics to tennis, thinking that she is talented. And now, this summer she told me that gymnastics is her dream. Persuaded to take her to the section, returned to daily training and a month later won the first competition! I say all this to the fact that even smart parents are mistaken, and that small children know what’s best for them.” So now, when Monica expressed a desire to study karate, Sedokova decided not to interfere and to insist on a more feminine sport.

By the way, in the family Sedokova that’s going to happen the addition. Now Anna is already a decent pregnancy, but in the decree she is to leave in a hurry.