The funeral of George Michael will be held three months after his death

Похороны Джорджа Майкла состоятся спустя три месяца после его смерти
Became known, where is buried the body of the legendary singer.

George Michael


As it became known, will soon finally held the funeral of George Michael, who died three months ago. Relatives decided to bury the body of the singer next to the grave of his beloved mother Leslie Ingold. According to the Daily Mail, the body of the British actor will be laid to rest at Highgate cemetery located in North London.

Initially there were reports that the burial ceremony will be held in the strictest confidence, but today there were some details of the event. Thus, it became known that one of the dearest friends, Michael, ex — spice girl, Jerry Halliwell is preparing to make a farewell speech.

By the way, recently published an official statement on the death of George. It was reported the cause of death of 53-year-old singer. As examination established, the artist’s death was due to natural causes: advanced cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty degeneration of the liver.

Meanwhile, many fans of Michael still can’t believe he’s gone. The death of the musician had a great influence on his fans, among which, by the way, there were many domestic representatives. Alexander Panayotov, for example, was sure that he and George are kindred spirits. He dearly loved the work of British singer and grieved the loss. In memoriam, Alexander played the final show of “the Voice” the song “Careless Whisper”, which from his youth dreamed of singing with George on the same stage.