Младший сын Тутты Ларсен отказывается от детского питания
The presenter discusses how to introduce first foods.

Tutta youngest son Vanya

Photo: Antonina Kirnos

Your child turns six months, it time
to introduce solid foods? How to do this correctly and why?

“Personally, I adhered to strict schemes with their older
children: at six months we started with purees, then introduced cereal, then
sour-milk products, all crushed, and I didn’t give up the good
food in jars, shares her experience tutta. But my youngest son Vanya
categorically not eat from bottles, but is interested in food from mom’s plate!
So now I feel closer to the opinion of a doctor Lilia Kazakova, and the process of supplementary feeding
I’m going to do the most natural, and not according to the scheme”.

Lilia Kazakova
believes that each child needs an individual approach, if he is in
seven to ten months is not interested in the lure, then most likely he doesn’t have to
no need for them. Mothers and pediatricians, of course, there are signs by which
for some specific dates to reach specific numbers in the weight gain,
but all babies are different and feed the baby by force is impossible! If the baby is not gaining
weight and food is not interested, then mom needs
to work hard to entice his feeding time, to do
the process of entering foods natural.

Second judge — Natalia Botvinnikova claims that breastmilk does not provide
natural needs of a growing organism, and if not to introduce solid foods from six
months, the child will lag behind in development. The doctor is sure to feed
the child better. Chaotic introduction of complementary foods is fraught with failure
gastrointestinal tract, overweight and caries in primary teeth. The
more to years the child is much easier
to form healthy habits and feed him healthy food.

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