Husband Dana Borisova left because of her mother

Муж Даны Борисовой ушёл из-за её матери

Learned the details of the scandal that erupted with her mother, a famous Russian TV presenter Dana Borisova. Recall that a few days ago a woman with severe poisoning with psychotropic drugs was hospitalized in one of clinics of the capital. But that’s not all – this story dragged out and other family issues, in particular relating to the contention between Borisova and her husband Andrew.

Муж Даны Борисовой ушёл из-за её матери

A few weeks ago it became known that Dana was going to divorce her husband. After a series of quarrels, the man drove away in an unknown direction by car Borisova and did not respond to calls, which upset the TV presenter said that she decided to divorce him. It turned out that the maintenance men of the house put his hand over his mother Dana.

Муж Даны Борисовой ушёл из-за её матери
Apartment in the capital’s Borisova lived with her husband and daughter, and her mother at this time lived in a one bedroom apartment in Sudak, but in Crimea experiencing problems with water and electricity. The woman are unable to live in such conditions and moved in with their daughter in Moscow for a few weeks.
She couldn’t live there and came to live with us until spring. And delayed to such an extent that I lost my husband, “said Dana. Borisova, tired of the authoritarian mother once asked her, when she goes to his home, and in the morning could not find her.

“Recently I once again asked her to leave, he said, aren’t you, mother, at sea, in warm countries? The next morning I couldn’t find it. What is certain is that neither I nor anyone else brought mom, believe me! Just by this point her mental health was already a little cranky. In addition, she used the potent anti-anxiety drugs and possibly had a bit too much” said Dana, commenting on the scandal with the hospitalization of the mother.
And the husband, meanwhile, stuffed pears. On his page in Instagram Dana posted a photo of two baskets of flowers – big and small, and signed it: “a Nice compliment to the two ladies��from a stranger�.But my heart is not so happy, we have already heard that terrible word “divorce”“. Obviously for myself Borisov agreed.



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