The winner of the “Oscar-2017” for the first time became a father

Победитель «Оскара-2017″ впервые стал отцом

Last week for the actor Maherali Ali was doubly happy: the man received his first “Oscar” as “best supporting actor”, and for the first time became a father.

That baby girl the parents named Bari the Recruitment of Ali appeared a few days before the ceremony on February 22.

Now mom and baby are doing well.

Победитель «Оскара-2017″ впервые стал отцом

Recall that the appearance of the firstfruits Maherali was looking forward to leading Jimmy Kimmel. He dreamed that the child was born in a time when Ali will receive “Oscar”.

“Our ratings would be off scale, if your wife gave birth to a child during a broadcast of “Oscar”, said Kimmel. During your acceptance speech. And then you would call the baby Oscar, and there would be no problems. I think the Academy would even give a newborn a mini-Oscar for this” -all couldn’t stop Jimmy.

But the leading plans went awry.