The winner of the “New American idol”

Определился победитель «Новой Фабрики звезд» For favorite show, the viewers voted during the week. For a place on the podium fought six members of the “New idol,” but the winner eventually became Guzel Khasanova. Many fans were left in awe of the outcome.

For three months young and talented members of the “New idol” fought first place in the project. In the end, to the end of the show came six. Each of them has formed a strong fan club, so to determine the favorite was not possible until the very end.

After a great show it was announced that the third place was divided between Dan Danilevsky and a group of “North of 17”. The participants were surprised by such a high acclaim of the audience. They promised that necessarily will meet the expectations placed upon them and become stars.

Second place was won by the talented rapper Nikita Kuznetsov. By the way, he got the prize from the project “StarHit” as the most promising contestant.

For the announcement of the winner on the stage stood all of the members of the jury. Ksenia Sobchak tried to find out who is the favorite for Victor Drobysh, but the producer delicately left from a direct answer.

“I think each of them is already a winner. Everyone has the chance to take first place, so I just open the envelope,” said Drobysh.

In the end, the winner of the “New idol” became Guzel Khasanova. The girl was unable to restrain his emotions after the results announcement.

“I want to thank everyone who voted for me and especially my mom and brother. This is our brother and our common victory, we both went to this for so long, it’s hard to even imagine. I’m very happy”, – shared his impressions Khasanova.

Under the terms of the show, Guzel got a production contract with Victor Drobysh, as well as the right of annual rotation of her song and video in the air “MUSES-TV”. The girl will appear on the premium channel in June 2018, where they will be able to sing on the same stage with the stars of domestic stage.

Throughout the season Guzel was one of the main contenders for victory. Victor Drobysh has repeatedly noted that Hasanov is the winner of the strongest voices on the show. However, the girl appeared several times on the verge of departure from the project. And yet, the audience always helped talented singer, giving their votes for it.

Despite the fact that the results of the “New idol” were announced, fans won’t have long to miss your favorite music shows. Next week will be a gala concert, where all of its participants.