Победитель проекта «ТАНЦЫ» сыграл свадьбу в Новосибирске Ilshat Shabayev and his bride organized the celebration for five days. Because of the spontaneity of the event, the friends of the winner of the project “DANCES” on TNT channel of Ilshat Shabayev never came to the wedding. An offer to his beloved dancer made during the trip to Samarkand.

      The winner of the first season of the show “DANCING” on the channel TNT Ilshat Shabayev and his beloved Alfiya murzakhanova were married. About this happy newlywed said in microblogging, posting a picture together with a charming young wife.

      “And we are now husband and wife!”, – posted by Ilshat under the photo with the beautiful Alfie.

      “Vasily, congratulations! Take care of each other and of course kiss!”, “Congratulations, you are a very beautiful couple!”, “Wow! Congratulations! Wish you happiness and may your home be a full bowl!”, – immediately began to congratulate their fans. It is worth noting that joyful event lovers came spontaneously.

      “Alfie we took the tour in Uzbekistan to Samarkand, – said Sergei in an interview with “StarHit” the day before the wedding. In the evening we came to the Central square – Registan. When I saw the night illumination, the beauty of the fountains, immediately realized that this is the place where you want to propose your beloved. So I used a fabulous time. The ring I’ve always had with him… Alfiya cried from happiness and said cherished me Yes!”

      After the proposal of marriage the couple decided not to postpone wedding event for a long time. “I thought, why wait for next summer – continues 38-year-old dancer. I saw in another solar weather. Just, Alfia was born here, and therefore insisted on the holiday. For 5 days we organized the celebration. The event decided to hold on the Ob Reservoir, putting on one of the yachts beautiful wedding arch. After the engagement the couple floated together on the Bay, and then returned to the restaurant, where they waited for guests. By the way, because of the haste of the holiday, friends of the couple are unable to come to the celebration to Ivan and Alfie.

      “Many business and work,” says Shaban. – Of course, there are our parents whom we bought the tickets. My sister is crying because could not come. But no one is offended, everyone is happy for us.”

      The lovers had time to prepare, and entertainment. As the host of the event invited the DJ of the radio station “Europe plus. Novosibirsk” Vlad Smirnov. The bride and groom were able to quickly define and rings with wedding dresses. Alfiya shined in a gorgeous white dress, and Ilshat chose a bright blue suit.