Победительница «Битвы экстрасенсов» раскрыла подробности тюремной жизни The best medium Natalia Pantaeva was an authority in the colony. After her release, she decided to use their powers for good purposes. The woman remembered about how to cope with serious challenges in life and how she was saved by the power that she possesses.

      Natalia Pantaeva has become one of the most prominent member of the ninth season of the popular project “Battle of psychics.” Gift and natural charisma allowed her to reach the final and win the coveted “hand”. The victory gave the witch fame and now many in need can turn to her for help. However, as acknowledged by a psychic, she used his gift for selfish purposes. As told Natalia, when she was 14 years old, her mother tied relationship with the crime boss, who persuaded a teenager to use abilities for their own enrichment. After a while Pantaeva went to jail.

      “In 18 years I was imprisoned, but this time I had spent already four years is under investigation in the “Cross” in a cell with cannibals and drug dealers. During this time, I had become the authority. The former head of this prison, with whom I still communicate, says that on my bed in the infirmary, no one is sleeping and is tied to it “pomilui”, that is notes with a request for leniency from those who are sentenced to long term imprisonment. Woman-prestige — that’s terrible, everyone is afraid of her and hate at the same time”, – admitted Natalia.

      The psychic began to collect a library of esoteric and theological literature. Natalia spent time in jail reading books. After the liberation Pantaeva became more confident in their abilities and easily able to recognize the deception, but because she calmly beat any casino. “I was playing whist with five Georgians have won the whole pot — 36 thousand euros. These guys got me in the leg, wanted to kill, but I was able popularly to explain to them that they are to blame for her loss in the end, I was taken to the hospital, and then I went with Ilizarov apparatus”, – remembered psychic.

      In the early 2000s, Natalia wondered how she could earn money in an honest way. Then the witch, to studying esoteric. She dedicated all the time to self-education and read many books on psychology, history, astronomy, astrology and medicine, and then went on to study at the Institute of the brain.

      About the project “Battle of psychics,” she heard from her colleagues, the pathologist Natalia’s Neck. Then she took the idea of a respected doctor is not serious. It seemed strange that people with higher education will be competing in this show. However, Vorotnikova was the winner of the first season of the project. A few years later friends sent a request for the next casting of “the battle of psychics” for Panteeva. Natalya was not eager to participate in the program. Further disappointment came when she saw that the people came to pass the selection on show.

      “At the audition I saw some dressed in national costumes of the people, as if escaped from a psychiatric hospital — I only know that I once “closed” in this kind of places! recalls Pantaeva. But it is only at first glance madhouse! There was a man with a tambourine, who does not even know how to hold it properly, and next played the harp woman in a real TRANS.

      After the victory in the “Battle of the psychics she created her own record label “Panteeva group, where he works with other mediums. “I write kalhana, that is a conspiracy in hip-hop with my friend, rapper ATL, conduct business trainings for young millionaires, has created a line of clothing Vosko for practicing magicians and opened his own school of magic, and it has no analogues!” – said Natalia in an interview with “the Dog.<url>.