Дочь Кирилла Сафонова стала звездой мужского журнала Anastasia starred in a candid photoshoot. The successor of the actor appeared in sexy dresses in the online edition of Maxim. She has several years working as a model. Father proud of the success of Anastasia and forbids her to take part in such surveys.

      The heiress actor Kirill Safonov, Anastasia lived for many years in Israel, and recently moved to the United States. 21-year-old girl tries himself as a model and has already achieved the first successes in this field. Footage showing the dignity of her slender figure, appeared on the website of men’s magazine Maxim. Daughter Safonova prosiraet in skimpy outfits or stylish things from famous brands.

      “This stunning beauty for the first time got a taste of the spotlight in childhood, when acted in film in Russia, but recently she has started to break through as a model. She’s already flashed on the pages of glossy magazines and was the cover girl for the Italian fashion magazine Belleza” – write about it on the website of men’s almanac.

      Below, the editors cite a few shots from the Instagram girls with Anastasia sensually looking at the camera, smiling playfully. According to the journalists, one look at these pictures will cause the user to become a subscriber microblogging young models.

      Nastya’s father is proud of the success of the successor. Kirill Safonov was posted on his page in a social network post with the photos of their daughter.

      “That feeling when your child publishes Maxim,” signed by actor a screenshot from the website of the journal.

      Many fans of movie stars compared the nasty with Megan Fox and said that she is very beautiful. Cyril rarely communicates with her daughter in person as they are in different countries. Initially Anastasia lived with his mother Helen in Israel, but in recent time the girl firmly settled in new York, which opens limitless possibilities for aspiring models. Over its life the social network the following is about 12 thousand followers.

      According to Safonov, it always helps adult daughter wise advice, but never try to impose their point of view as the only true one. “I have smart, beautiful, independent daughter, who can make her own decisions. She even is more Mature than me at her age. Consults with family, but it makes his choice. For several years, she lives an independent life. For me it was always no matter what profession she will choose, will do, as long as she was happy. Even if her wishes are contrary to my ideas about how things should happen,” said the actor in an interview.