The humorist Sobolev's wife spoke again about Priluchny's wife Maybe we should have kept silent?

The humorist Sobolev's wife spoke again about Priluchny's wife The other day, the wife of comedian and aspiring actor Ilya Sobolev, Natalia, was unsuccessful joked about Pavel Priluchny and his new wife, the joke smoothly turns into a scandal. comedian Soboleva spoke again about Priluchny's wife ” />

The woman was attacked by angry users demanding an apology, they say, what other “alien microflora”, how can you say that, with a pregnant new wife? And in general, Soboleva would keep quiet and follow her missus, who now and then lowers her in his speeches, telling everyone how she “farts” in her sleep, and he called her to marry at all when she was 9 months pregnant, apparently from hopelessness.

Soboleva began to make excuses for an unsuccessful joke, however, it turned out so-so. The woman noted that she did not know about any pregnant woman from Priluchny Brutyan, because he changes his mistresses like gloves. Only two months ago he had another, and now a certain Zepyur, who has already managed to fly in.

By the way, the celebration on the occasion of the actor's wedding was in August last year, and the registration itself was still last spring. So, what “other” he had two months ago is a mystery. Read more: 1 2 next. →

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