Hanna and Pasha became the parents of a son with a secret name K.K The day before, Pavel Kuryanov and Anna Ivanova a son was born.

Hannah and Pasha became the parents of a son with a secret name K.K A beautiful photo has already appeared on their pages in social networks, where they admire a newborn baby. I must say that for the photo, Hannah has already put herself in order and poses with makeup and manicure.

Hannah and Pasha became the parents of a son with a secret name K.K

Something already known and about the name of the child. In the comments to the photo, they signed: “This is space. K.K. 9.02.2023″.
And if one “K” is a surname, then the second, obviously, is a given name. Probably not Cosmos. Although, given that their eldest daughter's name is Adrianna, anything is possible. And, by the way, according to one version, Adrianna from Latin means – “one who lives on the shores of the Adriatic Sea.” And if you follow this, then the son should be called “the one who was born on the shores of the Persian Gulf”, since Hannah's birth took place in Dubai.

It is worth recalling that Anya met the CEO of Black Star Inc. . Pavel “Pasha” Kuryanov at a beauty contest, and in July 2015 she married him and sang.

Of course, according to her own assurances, she wanted to sing since childhood and even graduated from a music school in piano, but still the main Emphasis was placed on building a career in the modeling business. It is no coincidence that she has a huge number of various beauty contests behind her, including Miss Chuvashia – 2009, Miss Volga – 2009, Miss Apollo – 2009, Miss Viva Volga-Don – 2010, Miss Volga International – 2010, Miss Kemer International – 2010. Miss Russia 2010 and others.

So, despite the fact that, thanks to her acquaintance with Pasha, she confidently retrained as a singer, the model continues to live in her forever and it is no coincidence that she continued to make vivid photo shoots even when she was deeply pregnant. We invite you to remember. Read more: 1 2 3 4 5 next. →

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