Жена Харви Вайнштейна Джорджина Чапман рассказала о том, как пережила скандал и развод

42-year-old Georgina Chapman told Vogue reporters about how experienced a divorce and the scandal with her ex-husband 66-year-old Harvey Weinstein.

Жена Харви Вайнштейна Джорджина Чапман рассказала о том, как пережила скандал и развод

“I was so humiliated and broken, I couldn’t even go outside… climbed the stairs and stopped, as though caught his breath… I Have my moments of rage, confusion and loss of trust. And sometimes I just cry thinking about the children. What will be their life after what happened?” — said Chapman.

Scandal in a matter of days unfolded around her beloved husband, just broke Georgina. Star now visits a therapist who helps to cope with the consequences of stressful experiences. As recognized by Chapman, in five days she lost five pounds. “I was dizzy. The first story that appeared in the newspaper, refers to the time when Harvey had not even met. And then history repeated itself and I realized that this is not an isolated case. Realized that I need to pick up the kids and go,” added Georgina.

Her seven year old daughter India and son of Dashiell born in marriage with Weinstein left the USA, he moved to London to relatives of Chapman.

Now Weinstein is necessary to survive not only her divorce from Chapman, but also to pay alimony to the other ex-wife. Ex-wife of the producer tried to get Weinstein a lump sum advance payment in the amount of five million dollars for the children. Weinstein had to refuse to pay child support, because at the moment the financial crisis, which he spends a lot of money on lawyers. To pay such amount, Weinstein will not be able “at least for one year.” The reason for this became 1000 allegations of sexual harassment.

“Harvey has always paid for their children and to fulfil the obligations,” – said the representative of the producer. Five million dollars would be spent on the maintenance of the two youngest daughters Weinstein and Chilton. Ive worked as an aide to Weinstein at Miramax and married him in 1987. The couple divorced in 2004, after marriage 17 years.

Recall that in addition to alimony, the producer has to answer the charges of different Actresses. Actress Salma Hayek for a long time looked at what was happening, but decided not to remain silent and tell his story. It turned out she also suffered from indecent behavior Weinstein during the filming of the movie “Frida” (Frida) in 2002, but was able to refuse all suggestions of the producer. Harvey Weinstein denied the words of the Mexican actress, stating that witnesses who were at the time of filming, other memories about what was happening then.