The wife of George Clooney has declassified the first word that uttered her daughter

Жена Джорджа Клуни рассекретила первое слово, которое произнесла ее дочка
By the time the meeting with George, Amal lost hope to marry.

Amal and George Clooney


Although the twins Amal and George Clooney and Ella
Alexander, born last summer, not even a year old, they have already begun to speak.
In a recent interview, Amal told me what was the first word my daughter: she spoke earlier than her brother. “George took care
to the first was the word “mother”. Although “Papa” they both learned to speak
pretty fast!” — said Mrs. Clooney.

“My wife is an incredible woman. It
stunningly beautiful, charismatic and has a
a brilliant intellect. Amal is just a superwoman. She conquered me from the first minute I saw it!” says
George Clooney, who just loves his wife, remembering the day when she first appeared in his house
on the shores of lake Como in Italy.

Interesting that Amal, to the moment when she
when you met your future spouse, evaluated themselves and their chances of happiness very differently. “I’ve always believed
that love is one of the biggest sources of joy in life. But her
the finding is that, alas, can not be controlled. You never know, it will be possible
if you meet my Only. When I first saw George, I
was already 35 years old. And I was absolutely not sure that in my personal life yet
can happen something extraordinary. Of course, I was hoping more find my
love, but never expected everything to be so serious…” — confessed to Mrs. Clooney.
However, just a year later from the moment of their fateful meeting, Amal and George
got married and now perfectly happy together raising their