The widow of Patrick Swayze was accused of misconduct

Вдову Патрика Суэйзи обвинили в недостойном поведении
Relatives of the actor are outraged by the greed of Lisa Niemi.

Lisa Niemi and Patrick Swayze


Around Lisa Niemi, widow of actor Patrick Swayze,
the stars of “Dirty dancing”, a new scandal erupted. The fact that Lisa started
to sell personal belongings of her late husband. In particular, it is exposed to
auction a wig that Patrick, who is slowly and painfully dying of cancer
the pancreas, covered his bald head during chemotherapy and
radiation therapy… And shortly after the announcement that a “lot” in the Network sparked fierce controversy. About it reported the Internet-the edition

“It’s just despicable! Its not just greed
nose. This woman is a disgrace to our family! Instead of trading
belongings of the deceased husband, she could at least give something back in memory of relatives
the deceased, who, certainly, would not have to sell them!” — outraged the niece of actor Daniel Swayze. What Niemi
replied, like she, supposedly, has repeatedly offered family Patrick his stuff, but those are not
wanted to take anything. “This is another outrageous lie! The mother of Patrick tearfully
begged me to give it to her cowboy boots, but Lisa refused…” —
commented on Niemi niece of the actor.

Incidentally, last year Niemi, which
three years ago married again — this time for a wealthy jeweler, not for the first
once accused of misconduct in relation to the memory of Swayze. In 2016
an old friend of Patrick’s — Charlotte Stevens made a sensational statement accusing
Lisa in the sadistic treatment of dying husband. Charlotte claims that Niemi
almost daily beat has already become a helpless Patrick and not
allowed him to see, even with mother…