The wedding of Denis Matrosov and Olga Golovina was broken

Свадьба Дениса Матросова и Ольги Головиной была сорвана
The actor has told about the one who prevented him to marry the mother of his young son.

Denis Matrosov Olga Golovina and son Theodore

Photo: @Instagram denismatrosov Denis Matrosov

Denis Matrosov and Olga Golovin has declared that preparing for the wedding a year ago. A magnificent celebration was not planned, the actor was going to sign the registry office with a sweetheart shortly after the birth of the youngest son. However, the future spouses decided to save money, to please friends and relatives of the big feast. Soon the required amount was collected and Denis Olga started planning the wedding…

That’s just in February the Sailors suddenly lost collected to celebrate the marriage of money. The actor said that his country house was broken into and thieves took a large sum of cash. The incident came as a shock to Dennis and his bride. Except earnings of money on the wedding, the attackers stole a pending capital on the development of new theatrical projects.

A search of thieves engaged the police. In the house after the robbery was fingerprinted and now we are searching for the suspects. That’s just Dennis worried that he worked for almost a whole year wasted. Because of what happened trouble Sailors and Golovin postponed the celebration indefinitely. “But most importantly, nobody got hurt that there are healthy children, and the money we’ll make more money and projects and wedding. And without it we have called the family Matrosov!” — quoted by Matrosov Antenna-Telesem.

By the way, the actor in the family circle celebrated the birthday of the youngest son Theodore. To his awakening Denis and Olga carefully decorated country house with balloons in shape of number 1. This was the age of the birthday boy.