Свадьба Криса Пратта и дочери Шварценеггера: детали мероприятия и мальчишника

The Internet has done the noise offer of marriage to Chris Pratt, known for playing Starlord in “Guardians of the Galaxy”, the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger Katherine. Now everyone is looking forward to the wedding, the comedian tells a little at press conferences and interviews in the framework of promoushen new movie “LEGO Movie 2”. It turns out that the bachelor party Pratt was so drunk, I invited the stripper to marry him!

Свадьба Криса Пратта и дочери Шварценеггера: детали мероприятия и мальчишника

Pratt had to muster up the strength to ask the hand and heart of the daughter of the cinema legend and former bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. However, everything went great! Not holding back happy emotions, Chris threw a Grand bachelor party in one of the strip clubs London! The star of the movie “Jurassic World” has spent over five thousand pounds just on alcohol, friends and colleagues of the stars, including Chris, drank Bourbon and champagne. The actor was so drunk, I even offered one of the strippers to marry him. Would be better if Chris didn’t throw around words, Arnold my daughter will not give offense.

As they say insiders, Chris was “obsessed with” engagement to Catherine! Despite the fact that the party has not started yet, the future spouses have already scheduled the date of the celebration: “We would like it to be autumn or winter. In any case we have still got time to finally solve everything and be prepared,” — said Pratt’s edition of US Magazine.

Also the actor added that most wedding glad his son from his marriage to Anna Faris six-year-old Jack. Not less happy and dad of the bride — Arnold. “It was fantastic! Katherine so happy! They are both happy. Chris is a great guy. They look great together, so I wish them only success,” said Schwarzenegger in an interview with journalists of the newspaper Extra.

Before you make an offer of the daughter of the terminator, the star of the film “Guardians of the galaxy” had to ask of his beloved father’s blessing. Everything went fine and in the best tradition. And what Pratt to be afraid of? After all, he was already familiar with his beloved father. Their acquaintance took place in 2015.

All are very happy for Pratt, but recall that not so long ago he broke up with actress Anna Faris. “Anna and I’m sad at heart we inform you that we are getting divorced,” wrote Pratt in his Facebook account,”We’ve tried hard for a long time, and we’re really disappointed.”

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