ООН отказалась от сотрудничества с Марией Шараповой

After the scandal with the doping of the legendary Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova lost virtually all business partners, now approached, and all, international organizations.

Athlete for long-term cooperation thanked the UN, but in connection with the scandal, decided to suspend the relationship until the investigation is completed.
“We thank Maria Sharapova for their support and cooperation, particularly in combating the consequences of the Chernobyl accident. However, after the recent recognition of Mary we are forced to suspend our cooperation and to terminate the activities Sharapova as Ambassador of goodwill at the time of cooperation” — said the representative of the United Nations.
Recall that earlier cooperation with the tennis star refused some well-known brands such as Porsche and Nike. Headache Sharapova has become a drug test, which Mary was not. As it turned out, an athlete for many years he took the drug Meldonium, prescribed by her family physician for treatment of injuries. From 1 January this year he was put on the list of doping drugs. World anti-doping Agency (WADA) more than five times warned her about the possible consequences, but the player argues that he did not know that violates the rules and that no warnings were not received. Sharapova hopes that the truth will soon be revealed, and it will again return to the sport. The investigation is ongoing.

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