The twin sisters! Glory and her adult daughter are alike as two drops of water

Сестры-близнецы! Слава и ее взрослая дочь похожи как две капли воды
19-year-old Alexander grew up my mother’s copy.

Anastasia Slanevskaya daughter

Photo: Elizabeth Karpushkina

which came at the prestigious fashion award
along with 19-year-old daughter Alexandra,
was surrounded by all the attention. Guests
and journalists were struck by not only
how mom and daughter like, but
what they look like sisters. Anastasia and Alexander believe
each other best friends. Sasha
talked about the fact that her mom is the
the best in the world. “I like to sit with
her about everything and just shut up
in her company. We understand each other
without a word, and it’s great!” — shared the girl.

19-year-old Sasha and her stellar mom, chose a public profession.
However, Alexander chose not to sing, and
to play on stage and did one of the
the most prestigious theatre schools —
school named after Schepkin. This year she
finished the first course.

the word Glory have always tried to instill
daughter’s independence. Now
Alexander lives alone, she moved out
mother in a rented apartment, while still a senior. The singer complained that
its successor takes too much
time on the road from the country house
to educational institutions in the center of Moscow.
By the way, in the apartment of Alexander settled
with her boyfriend. Glory was talking about
that are ready to be a grandmother, but her
daughter, there are no plans on having children.