Токсикоз назван главной версией экстренной госпитализации герцогини Кэтрин
The spouse of Prince William was discharged from the hospital.

Kate Middleton


Duchess Catherine was again on the front pages of news publications. The reason for this was the message of a popular Australian magazine about her emergency hospitalization. According to media reports, the wife of Prince William in the early weeks was rushed to the hospital in Marylebone. The Duchess did not stay there long — it was soon to be discharged.

Representatives of the Royal family has not yet confirmed nor denied the information published on the hospitalization of Katherine. However, many foreign media put forward a bold assumption that the reason for her bad health was… pregnancy.

The Duchess of Cambridge, allegedly, is now in the early stages of “an interesting situation” and suffering, as in the previous pregnancy from severe morning sickness. In favor of this version is the fact that Catherine is already a month does not appear in public, which only fuels the rumors about a possible addition to the Royal family.

By the way, at the end of July during one of the last official appearances of Katherine confessed that he and William intend to have more children. The fact that the party, which was arranged in honor of Prince and his wife the British Embassy in Poland, Kate gave somehow not quite appropriate gift toy suitable for newborns. But the Duchess was not taken aback. After a moment of confusion the Duchess smiled radiantly and said, “Thank you, it’s the way, William and I just want to have more children!” Because Kathryn never talked about the possible appearance in their family a third child, her statement made a strong impression.