The teacher Ivan Jankowski has discovered the truth about his childhood

Учительница Ивана Янковского открыла правду о его детстве The teacher has shared many unknown facts of the biography of a young artist. The woman remembered how her student had come to school with his famous grandfather and explained why he was not allowed to get a haircut, despite the rules of the institution.

      Учительница Ивана Янковского открыла правду о его детстве

      From 3 November the country is the film “the Source”, and on November 17 in the cinemas will start the painting “the Queen of Spades”. A descendant of the famous names 26-year-old Ivan Yankovsky plays both a major role. Grandfather Oleg Ivanovich and his father Philip, he inherited not only the appearance, but and talent.

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      Interestingly, the four initial grade boy studied at the school of mathematics No. 1840 in the area of metro station “Prospekt Mira”, where he had to wrestle the challenging puzzles, and then went to film school. Classmates and teachers Vani remembered how he had all night, silently walk in the rain during an expedition to the Solovetsky Islands and why he refused to get a haircut.

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      At school No. 1840 are still debating on 1 September 1997 when they were in the first grade come to learn Ivan Jankowski… hand in hand with his famous grandfather.

      “We have seen lists of applicants and understood, whose relative Vanja, – has shared with “StarHit” the Director of studies Olga Verhovskaya. – I called Oleg Ivanovich asked him to speak – to say words of encouragement to first-graders. He immediately agreed and made a fiery speech, citing excerpts from the film “That Munchhausen”.
      Учительница Ивана Янковского открыла правду о его детстве

      Oleg Yankovsky was periodically taken my grandson shooting right out of school. “I had the good fortune to chat with Oleg Ivanovich and greet him – says head teacher Hope Skarina. After not washing my hand for several days. He was not pompous, on the contrary, humane and simple. Remember, I came for her grandson to atrocity it to the set. I think it was the movie “Come see me”, where Ivan played an angel. They were in a hurry, but Oleg decided not to pluck it from dictation, although I was ready to let go. In the end, Jankowski, Sr. was sitting at the last Desk before the end of the lesson.

      Vanya went smoothly, fours and fives. Maybe not as easily given to math, had to spend a little more time over books… immediacy Differed. Once on the calligraphy lesson, when it was exactly and clearly print the letter, said: “Nadezhda Anatolievna, well enough to torture me!” I let him rest a bit. And like all flabbergasted, when after-school hours told about his dream: “I want grandma took me on the tram.”

      Учительница Ивана Янковского открыла правду о его детстве

      According to school regulations, the boys were required to forced short haircut. Vanya’s grandmother, actress Lyudmila Zorina, agreed with the school administration to leave the hair he needed for the role.

      “The girls liked hairstyle Vani – recalls classmate Galina Makey. – He is very fashionable with her look. And indeed charismatic. We played together in the street, and after school went to detention, doing homework, and then watched on TV the movie “Black Cloak”.

      When Ivan graduated four primary classes, parents, Director and actor Filipp Yankovsky and actress Oksana Fandera, I realized that to delve further into the math makes no sense.


      Учительница Ивана Янковского открыла правду о его детстве

      Moscow international film school, which once stood on the metro station “University”, and now moved on Shabolovka street “right brains” to Ivan. These words Jankowski himself later described in an interview with this school. Enrolled in the Institute: I had to learn passages of fables and poems and exams.

      “At school there was a rule: newly arrived students were sponsored at old which was in every way to help them, to give advice, says classmate Jankowski Sophia Stratonnikov. – Vanya came to me. This Moscow boy from a good family, a party-goer. Parents were afraid for him, when the disciples were sent on an expedition to the Solovetsky Islands. Worried how Vanya will go to the reserved seat. This now allowed the new trains, and then cars were in terrible condition…

      …Conditions of the expedition was Hiking. The first day we had to go through a rite of passage. Vanya and the other students walked all night through the narrow isthmus of rocks on a small island. According to the rules of a ceremony to dedicate had to move silently all the time and think about the history of the place. Vani all this was the first time, but he perceived the test as a new experience. It was very cold, gushing rain, we were soaked. I really wanted to eat. With us was a monk named Jacek, who in the morning fed us sandwiches. Vanya and shared bread with sausage”.
      Учительница Ивана Янковского открыла правду о его детстве

      Once the school was the mother of Ivan, began to chat with the guys. “At first I didn’t even recognize her! Thought for the beauty with a textured appearance, continues Sofia. Oksana gave me a film with its participation “the State Counsellor”. We sat on the floor of the school, with a marker signed a videotape”.

      Stratonnikov still remembers how Jankowski made her the joint. “In the classroom by directing us asked to repeat the scene from the movie, says Sophia. – We worked in a Threesome with Joe and another boy. Chose a fragment from the painting “Fotovista” Michelangelo Antonioni, where the girl smokes and dances. But we couldn’t use real cigarettes! It was funny how Vanya from a sheet of A4 gave me a cigarette. Then I was trying to portray something. The fire is not burning, but everything was in smoke… the Guys laughed. By the way, despite the patina of glamour, Vanya has always distinguished kindness. The star relationship, he boasted”.