Студию Канье Уэста обокрали

Kanye West recently luck is not really smiling. Recently, the rapper collapsed exposing the back side of the revelation of his former security guard. By the way, with a man West going to sue.

Now a new problem. The Studio Kanye was robbed. When the attack was made on equipment tens of thousands of dollars, including laptops, desktops, mixers, etc.

But the musician is going through is not so much due to technology as such, but because of the materials that were stored on the media. Most likely the computers were recorded achievements for new album and other future projects, which can now be “leaked” to the network.

At the moment the police are investigating who from the staff of the West could be involved in the robbery. In favor of the fact that the robbers acted on a tip from “someone of his”, said the fact that the alarm is in the Studio did not work.

Meanwhile, until the investigation is continuing, Kanye has acquired new equipment and continues to work as usual.

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