История многодетной матери из Зеленограда расколола общество на два лагеря Svetlana Del continues to fight for kids. The woman denies that her family experienced violence. Meanwhile, GSU SK of Russia in Moscow opened a criminal case on the fact of the negligence of officials of bodies of guardianship.

      История многодетной матери из Зеленограда расколола общество на два лагеря

      In the history of the inhabitant of Zelenograd Svetlana Del, who was seized foster children, there are new twists and turns. Recently it became known that against the representatives of the guardianship, a criminal case. About it reported a press-service GSU SK of Russia across Moscow. Officials suspected of negligence.

      Mother of Zelenograd desperately fighting for the return of 10 foster children

      “According to investigators, 10 minors for a long time lived with a foster family in the city of Zelenograd. Foster parents do not create the necessary conditions for living and development of children. This fact by bodies of guardianship and social protection were not revealed, in connection with which caused substantial harm to the legitimate rights and interests of minors. In the framework of a criminal investigation, investigators find out circumstances of causing one of the foster children’s injuries, which were discovered by the staff of preschool institutions”, – said on the official website of GSU SK of Russia across Moscow.
      История многодетной матери из Зеленограда расколола общество на два лагеря

      Before that hung out with kids psychologists, who declared to the journalists that the youngest of them confirmed the fact of abuse by the foster father. According to Irina Medvedeva, they call him dad, and uncle Misha.

      Later the situation was commented the Commissioner for children’s rights Anna Kuznetsova. She said that for the proceedings in the situation has created a Committee. After the experts spoke with each kid, they decided to terminate the contract of care in respect of the eight children who were cared for by the family Del.

      As for the other kids, the question of which is under consideration. According to Kuznetsova, one of the girls expressed a wish to live with her grandmother in St. Petersburg.

      “Most of the children was confirmed by experts established in the family practice of corporal punishment from the father that were made repeatedly and in the presence of the mother. According to 11-year-old girls, meals for the family prepared it, while mom was cooking only for myself. The children had not expressed a desire to return to mom and dad, some of them want to stay in the centre of social support”, – a message appeared on the website of the Ombudsman.
      История многодетной матери из Зеленограда расколола общество на два лагеря

      Svetlana herself Del is in a state of shock from the situation and deny the fact of domestic violence. “I was devastated and destroyed. Thank you family and friends that they were there, otherwise I would not survive,” – shared a woman in Instagram. According to Svetlana, the children were given mobile phones. They wrote to the adoptive mother that I love her and miss her.

      Many Internet users support Del and spread information about her family. The hashtag “help get the kids back” for that day is at the top in “Vkontakte”. Associates have created a group dedicated to her and her kids. It regularly published news on the topic.

      In defense of Svetlana Del spoke and controversial blogger Elena Miro. The woman, known for bashing celebrities, has written a post called the events a mess. “I would never stand on someone’s side in this conflict, if you weren’t sure who is right here, and who is to blame,” said Miro. She also voiced one of the versions of the incident. According to Elena, this could be due to the fact that the family Del claimed the apartment, laid her under the law.

      The inhabitant of Zelenograd is also supported by the singer Vera Brezhneva.

      “So much going on around us that do not understand neither the heart nor the head. Read the story of Svetlana and can’t understand who needs it, who benefits from it… the Only major, important and necessary thing for each of us from childhood is mom, family, love and support. Why and what now her children are deprived of this is unknown,” – said the singer in social networks.