Состояние Лайзы Минелли сильно тревожит её друзей

Again, as Liza Minelli, which not long ago put up for sale the family good, greatly alarmed her friends. After decades of star life and worldwide fame, the last years of his life the famous actress does not look too rosy. In fact, sources close to the actress and singer, argue that it is literally broken the recent events and his condition.

Recall that Lisa, who spent many years in new York, was forced to sell his posh house and move to a rented home in Los Angeles last September. Even this has not helped her financial and treatment costs Minnelli too expensive and to make ends meet she was forced to sell the portraits of his parents and the other painting the hands of Andy Warhol. The cost of the entire collection is a lot more $ 40 million requested by the artist.
“Sounds like she’s desperate. With her so much lately, and little good. No wonder she needs the money. It is in extremely bad shape, and unlikely to be released to the public again. She does not want to see no friends, no fans, and leads a solitary life at his home in Los Angeles” — say the friends Minelli.
Throughout his life, Liza, the only daughter of Hollywood legend Judy garland, struggled with alcohol and drug dependencies, and is now paying the price for friendship with the demons.
“We all hope that the money she gets for the paintings, will help her get back on her feet” say insiders.

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