The stars of “the Matchmakers”, was denied entry to Ukraine for three years

Звездам «Сватов» запретили въезд на Украину на три года

More and more Russian artists become persona non grata in Ukraine.

Today we informed you that the ban on entry to Ukraine was Alexander Medvedev (singer Shura). Now the list of “objectionable” replenished with the names of the stars of the series “Matchmakers”.

Ukrainian media write that the prohibition of the entry of Nikolai Dobrynin and Lyudmila artemeva was issued in connection with the fact that she broke the law crossing the border.

On the evening of 8 November 2016 at the railway checkpoint “Kharkov passenger” during the passport control was the facts of the Russians crossing the state border of Ukraine through the inactive checkpoints.

Artists in accordance with the written Protocol now they don’t have the right to appear in Ukraine for three years.

Whether the artists to appeal against this decision, not reported.