Звезды «Великолепного века» закрутили роман
Meriem Uzerli and Ozan Guven suspected in a romantic relationship.

The famous Hürrem from “the Magnificent century” keeps his personal life secret. And with good reason: several years ago, she was happy with a certain Turkish businessman who dumped her after learning that Meriem was pregnant with his child… From this “Union” was born a beautiful baby girl Lara. She was now four years old, and it is an absolute copy of his famous mother.

Since the birth of the baby Uzerli temporarily closed for themselves the question of relationships with men. She is engrossed in work. Three years after the decree, the actress starred in two major series and several feature films.

Recently Meriem increasingly seen in the company of her colleagues in “the Magnificent century” — actor Ozan Guven. They met on the set of the film about Sultan Suleiman, where Uzerli played beloved wife of the head of the Ottoman Empire. Ironically güven played in the series the role of her son in law Rustem Pasha.

In the near future Meriem again will be shot in Turkey, and even at least a year for this, moved to Istanbul (always star lives in Germany). The producers of the new project they took her to a luxury Villa overlooking the Bosphorus. Eyewitnesses claim that the object of the actress came to view together with Ozan. It is possible that he is going to live in this house together with Meriem and Lara.

Gyvenu 43 years old, he was already married and has a son named Ali Ates. Fans of couples think it is ideal 34-year-old Meriem.

Recently, the actress has published in his personal blog the cover of Harpers Bazaar in March 2016, the cover of which flaunt Uzerli and Guven. Fans took it as a indirect confirmation of rumors about their affair. Otherwise, why suddenly Meriem would remember this magazine? Apparently the relations of the actors moved on to a new level and soon they will please fans of good news.