The star of “Ural dumplings” husband falls asleep flowers

Звезду «Уральские пельмени» муж засыпает цветами
The Russian star explained why I love the main female feast — 8 Martha.

A few days a weak half of mankind
celebrate the best spring holiday — the 8th of March. On the eve of Russian artists
explained why I love this holiday and what it means for them.

Actress Ilana St. George believes the eighth of March the most romantic

Звезду «Уральские пельмени» муж засыпает цветами

Ilana St. George

Photo: Press service

For me, March 8 is always a great event! I
begin to anticipate it long before the date, therefore, the feast
me starts earlier than everyone else! My husband is a true original with
amazing capacity for imagination and desire to make surprises!
Every year on March 8 it gives me an unusual day that is not just a gift,
and a whole bunch of impressions! Of course, they are painted in romantic, light,
joyful and sensual tone. Therefore, the approach of the month of March for me is
always a reason to dream and try to imagine how everything will be this time. But
I must say that guess still failed! Last year I woke up
in the morning and saw that the whole room littered with rose petals. My husband specifically ordered
from a French bakery Breakfast, which I just love! And then
been a long day together: we went on a river cruise in Moscow.
types, talked, laughed. And in the evening husband invited me on a romantic
dinner at your favorite restaurant. Everything was just wonderful! So I can honestly
to say that the 8 March, I always feel happy, desirable and very

Actress Lubava Greshnova surprised on the Eighth of March mom

Звезду «Уральские пельмени» муж засыпает цветами

Lubava Greshnova

Photo: Press service

Our family has no specific traditions to celebrate the eighth
Mar: it’s always something unexpected, a very pleasant and memorable. Mike
(husband of actress, actor Michael Wheat) is always able to surprise me! But I would
want to tell a friend about the eighth of March, about the time when Misha and more
I was not familiar. The most striking story was when I was making a surprise for mom,
after all, I always thought this holiday is not just women’s day and mother’s day, and
I wanted to remind her how I love her and miss her. Then I lived in
another city, studied at the first year theatrical Institute, and I was
unusual for as much as six months to be away from my family, from my mom. Seventh Mar
we talked to her on the phone, I said go to bed because in the morning
rehearsal. But actually at that time I boarded the train, and in the morning
came to his hometown. Bought a bouquet of tulips, for me, a student
the first course was a great luxury. Remember put money on this
trip! And now, at eight in the morning of the eighth of March, my mom opened the door and saw me
on the threshold. We both cried with happiness, met again. A few days
we spent together, and then I went back to school. I still remember this
case, and whatever stuff I’m not happy, mom’s waiting for my
the unexpected visit.

Dilbar Fayzieva host of Good morning
The first channel

For me it’s more a holiday in which we congratulated the mom.
I don’t know why. And she don’t even like to celebrate it, while another red day
the calendar is good. Remember how in my childhood we did DIY cards
on the 8th of March. Of course, buying a bouquet of flowers and treats for mom
the ones she wanted, but itself did not dare to buy, as always
invested all of myself and all that she had, in us, his children. I understand that
for her love and care will never be able to thank, don’t know what would have to
do it! It seems impossible! But I love her very much, and I will try
to always lift her spirits, despite the current distance between us.
This year will not be able to congratulate her personally, therefore preparing a package. And
will definitely give the flowers, since there are a lot of delivery services in town!

Dilbar Mom

Photo: Press service