Ани Лорак сделала дочери подарок к 8 марта
Sophia was asked to give her Golden jewelry.

Ани Лорак сделала дочери подарок к 8 марта

Ani Lorak and Murat Nalchajian with daughter Sophia

Ani Lorak has long been popular among star moms
decoration — silver children’s bracelet with a stylized figure,
symbolizing her daughter Sophia. This year Sonia has begged the singer to buy
she is exactly the same. Five-year-old girl explained that will wear the bracelet
just like Carolina: with an asterisk, a heart and the figure of the girl in

Sophia even shared with my mom what it means for each suspension
decoration. “Sofia told me about each symbol, — said Lorak. —
The asterisk is a mom who lights her way. Girl is she, and
heart — father, which warms and protects her.”

By the way, Sophia, like many other girls love
to imagine that she’s a Princess, so this gift to 8 Martha fell
little fashionistas very helpful.

“Daughter, I’ve recently said, “Mom, you know, I —
Princess,” said Ani Lorak 7days.EN. And I immediately
remember your own child’s feeling. Yes, I also came to mind that I
Princess. Although I no one never told me not Princess
called. Nevertheless, I had a very clear feeling that I don’t
such as all”.

Photo: Instagram