The star of the series “Deffchonki” Galina Bob is expecting her second child

Звезда сериала «Деффчонки» Галина Боб ждет второго ребенка The actress is preparing for the birth of another child. Spouse Galina, Sergei said that the woman is on her fifth month of pregnancy. However, at a recent concert spectacular outfits helped her to hide the interesting position.

      Звезда сериала «Деффчонки» Галина Боб ждет второго ребенка

      Galina Bob, known for her role of Masha Babyccino in the TV series “Deffchonki”, will soon become a mother. The actress, who recently changed her image and sang on stage, the whole glowed with happiness at your recital. At the end of last week, Bob presented the album called “Sweet things”. As recognized herself Galina, about the pregnancy she found out by accident.

      “About 3 month, I began to suspect that inside of me settled a little man. At three in the morning did a test that confirmed everything. Then at 5 am my husband laughing from all that is happening, and I did five pregnancy tests to make sure that it is not a coincidence,” says the artist.

      However, interesting position of the star serialov did not stop her to rock at a concert, to which she carefully prepared for a long time. “Of course, I was doubly worried, and the importance of the event, and special circumstances. And we really cut our dance program after I announced my pregnancy. But overall, the thought of my lovely position only gave me new strength and energy. Dress was specially made so no one was confused about my 5 month belly on stage. Of course, all the difficulties of pregnancy am I not spared, and toxicity including. But I took myself in hand and prepared, rehearsed, because this concert was very important for me”, says Bob.

      Husband of Galina Sergey Koryagin confirmed “StarHit” happy news. “Yes, we are expecting a second child. It’s the middle of term. Gal feels fine and running,” said the man. He did not depart from the wife on a step during a concert and asked her about her health. On maternity leave, the actress has no plans. Galina intends to continue to rehearse in the theatre, to music, to write songs. But agrees that is likely closer to 8-9 month will be a small light mode with minimal loads.

      “Of course, of course, have to leave early, – has told Galina, – and then only because my role does not require the presence of the abdomen, and hide it for a longer period it will be very hard. Pregnant younger sister of the “Three sisters”… Chekhov would not approve. But I’m glad, because you will have more time to dedicate to music. What’s going on in the mind of a pregnant woman will only understand pregnant woman. Emotions, all that neuro-bare, the mood is changing every minute. I think in such condition you can write something brilliant”.

      After the baby is born Galina plans to continue her solo program. “I can’t sleep, and somewhere deep in me sing jingle bells. These bells are singing in me all the time, and I want to do something, to create, create and enjoy all that is happening around them,” – said Bob.

      We will remind that Galina and Sergey, already raising one child. The couple have a son Leo, which this year was only a year or two. Parents arranged for the heir to a real holiday on the first day of birth. They are invited to a celebration of close friends, and the chefs have created a confectionary masterpiece based on the cartoon “the lion King”. Galina Bob gave his son a Grand celebration. PHOTO