Звезда «Дуэлянта» Никита Кукушкин намекнул на пополнение в семействе The young man posted on his Facebook page a touching video with a pregnant wife, which was accompanied by detailed commentary on the family. The actor said that the most valuable to him are his wife and just born baby. Members immediately congratulated the man with the birth of a female heir.

      The star of “the Class of correction” and “Duelist” Nikita Kukushkin said in microblogging, which finally became a father. His wife, Anna Nazarova gave him a girl, born that man was so much waiting. He shared with subscribers what the best gift over the past 12 months has been the emergence into the light of their General with his beloved child. For some followers, this news was a complete surprise. They congratulated the couple with an important event in their lives.

      In the video, which was posted on the page Nikita, his wife Anna Nazarova is in an interesting position. The man caught her walking down a street and captured on your mobile phone. And only after a while the actor has added video in the “Instagram”, thus noting the value of last year.

      “Grab the people you love, stay bright. This year the best thing that’s ever happened to me is my wife and our baby. It’s time to act,” wrote Kukushkin in the Network.

      In your comments under the video, the actor said that the world is changing with great speed, so it is very important all the time. He suggests that we cannot stand still and must do something. Nikita admits that in the past happened a lot of unpleasant moments, however, does not deny the fact that the best to come.

      “Every year we are more and more interesting, uglier and uglier. The darkness around. But any start of something new it is hard and difficult,” – wrote in Instagram actor. So the man has summed up the results of last year.

      Recall that Nikita Kukushkin and Anna Nazarova legalize their relationship recently. Only at the very end of October, the lovers went to the Griboedov registry office where the ceremony was held.