Dmitry Shepelev teaches son figure skating

Дмитрий Шепелев учит сына фигурному катанию Broadcaster put Plato on skates. The first day of the new year Dmitry Shepelev held together with the heir to one of the rinks in the capital. The kid and his dad sports leisure was very pleased.

      TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev new year’s vacation dedicated to his three year old son Platon. The star father, apparently, had arranged his schedule to the needs of the younger son and does everything for that weekend in Plato was fun, bright and useful.

      So, in the afternoon of the first of January, when the majority of citizens prefers to have a good sleep after a sleepless new year’s eve, Dmitry Shepelev is not an example they have led Plato to the rink.

      And, judging by the photo, the famous dad did not trust the son to the coaches and began to train the heir to slip on the ice himself. In the picture, Dmitry Shepelev was published in the microblog, you can see how carefully, gently, but firmly, he keeps standing uncertainly on skates son, protecting him.

      “Sports first of January,” reads the inscription under the photo in the microblog TV presenter.

      Little man and his daddy in the picture look incredibly happy. It is clear that they are comfortable and happy in each other’s company, which immediately drew the attention of the subscribers Dmitry Shepelev.

      “What happy! Well Done”, “Dimochka, Platosha! Happy New year! Everything will be okay!” “Success in the next year, Plato lucky with my dad, the dream of every boy!”, “Dima well done, happy New year!”, “Plato so smiling as his mother!” “My dear!”, – admired fans Dmitry Shepelev with the rink.

      It is worth noting that despite a busy schedule, the presenter tries to devote maximum time to Plato. Recently, the father and son were at a hockey game in the New year’s eve, Plato had fun on the Tree, where he took dad.

      “I like being a dad, I enjoy it, – said in an interview with Dmitry Shepelev. – It is not a burden, and in any case not work. On the contrary, I’m looking for any spare minute to spend with her son.”

      Plato is growing very developed boy, whose life is painted literally on hours. A three-year child attends an English school and regular kindergarten where fun to interact with peers. Still, the daily schedule of Plato, gym, pool, classes in sculpting and music lessons. And of course, the father is trying to do so that the son always remembered about mom. Dmitry Shepelev spoke about a new relationship