Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» выйдет замуж в реанимации Sneznaya Fatima Khadueva trying to pull a favorite out of the coma. According to the woman, her chosen one needs a strong push, one big, happy emotion in order to get out. The star of “the battle of psychics” believe in the best and getting ready to head down the aisle, though, and through tears.

      Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» выйдет замуж в реанимации

      The Bridal salon. Among white flowers and gorgeous dresses at the mirror spin his bride, fixing her hair and veil… but beauty is not tears of joy. In late January, the star of TV-3, Fatima Khadueva marry the man who is already a month does not come out of the coma while in the intensive care unit infectious Metropolitan hospital with a diagnosis of meningitis.

      Finalist of the 13th “the battle of psychics” was married twice, but it’s not something. In desperation, I thought that won’t meet the one yet on the horizon appeared an old friend from his native Dagestan. With actor Vakhtang Kerechashvili Khadueva 20 years ago, I met with friends. Dark, bright, he immediately fell in love with a fragile girl with huge eyes and began to take care of it.

      “Then I thought he was a “coat,” recalls Khadueva. Is a great guy, but not anymore. However, it was a pity that such a valuable specimen without the ladies of the heart lost, was to introduce him to friends. In the end, he married a girl from the total of the company. I was glad we talked, congratulated each other on holidays. And after all these years he is again a free man, called: “Fatima, I want to move to Moscow, advise where to rent an apartment”. Of course, invited him to come to me.”

      In the second round

      At the meeting, Vakhtang woke up feeling. He fell in love with Fatima, and she was allowed to care for themselves. Sneznaya then starred in the reality show “Diary of psychic” on TV-3 and invited the boyfriend to participate in the project. The couple quickly developed live.

      “Every day, our bond was growing even stronger, says Fatima. Vakhtang became a part of my family. He did chores, cooked dinner, helped me on the set of the show. I finally smiled and relaxed, felt absolute harmony”.
      Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» выйдет замуж в реанимации

      Kerechashvili, surrounded us with care and children lady – Alena, Daria and nephew Rizvan, whom Fatima considers adopted family. Happiness seemed delightful and endless… But suddenly crumbled.

      “We walked around the city, and he became ill: dizzy, knees buckled, says the woman. – Took him in the cafe, began to “read” information and could not believe what I see. Barely restrain himself not to cry, My male right now could die. Called the ambulance, the doctors came and looked, decided to be hospitalized. Kept the Vic’s hand, “Everything will be fine, I assure you”, he whispered, “These 20 years I’ve loved only you. Marry me”… and lost consciousness, never knowing that I said Yes.


      Звезда «Битвы экстрасенсов» выйдет замуж в реанимации

      Fatima was sure for the illness of its Vakhtang holds a terrible secret. What he could not tell. To find out, she decided to go to Dagestan to find the mother of the man with whom he was so close to asking for details, and to pick up medical documents for treatment. But at home sneznaya got another news – mother of Vakhtang died.

      “We were a little familiar, I’m sure, could intermarry, but did not, says Khadueva. – The truth revealed to me by a colleague in the theater. It turned out, the Vic told his mother that he loves me, and she was dying, asked him to swear he will move to Moscow and marry me. From the point of view of esotericism, after this promise of man is between two worlds. Until you keep your word, you will not be able to go further. That is why the wedding was decided to play without delay”.

      According to the bride, her fiance need a push – a strong positive emotion that will pull him from the world.

      “The main thing – do not be late, – sigh-finalist of the “Battle”. In the ICU I was not allowed, but in this case at twenty minutes, this rule will be canceled. Before the New year, I talked to the doctors, explained the situation, came to the leadership of the clinic and got a marriage license. Yes, it will be the occasion through tears, but I’m sure it will save my Vic. To fight until the end!”