Netizens shocked by the jump of an 18 year old student with “Moscow-city”

Пользователи Сети шокированы прыжком 18-летнего студента с «Москва-Сити» Within two days, the Internet actively discussing the death of 18-year-old young man. The guy jumped from the 86th floor of the skyscraper “Oko”. Law enforcement agencies understand the motives that prompted the teenager to commit this act.

      Пользователи Сети шокированы прыжком 18-летнего студента с «Москва-Сити»

      Within a few days, the police are trying to figure out the reasons that prompted 18-year-old boy to jump from the roof of the 86-storey tower “Eye”, which is located in the district “Moscow-city”. The young man allegedly named Alexander sh., was listed among the students of Plekhanov Academy.

      According to several publications, the guy came back with his father to go ice skating. The investigating authorities continue to probe the incident. One of versions of law enforcement – the student failed because they tried to do a selfie.

      The father of the deceased said that his son intentionally jumped off the roof. “He brought me to the observation tower. And then jumped to the roof of the rink and jumped,” said the man. According to relatives, the behavior of the guy was odd from the beginning.

      “The evening was not very normal. I just arrived, went behind him when he leave was. Went behind him, looking where he was going, lost. I said, “Where are you going?” – “Walk”. “Where?”. – “See,” said parent Alexander S.
      Пользователи Сети шокированы прыжком 18-летнего студента с «Москва-Сити»

      Witnesses who saw the day the guy said that the student had a conflict with his father. Therefore, law enforcement authorities do not exclude the version of suicide and accident. Later in the Internet appeared the video, which was shot other visitors to the tower “Eye”. In the video you can see that the young man with a running jump down.

      Passers-by who were downstairs telling the arrived emergency personnel that the guy fell on the car. A photograph of the vehicle Gelandewagen with a broken roof circled all the social networks. The owner of the cars was the 34-year-old businessman who works in the field of tourism.

      Users of social networks are actively discussing the motives of Alexander. Some people commented on the video, guess who will pay for the repair of the car: the father of the deceased, or the insurance company. Some have speculated that the cause of suicide could become unrequited love, problems in relationships with others or impetuous impulse.

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