Звезда «Физрука» показал подросшую дочь
Evgeny Kulakov celebrates the month of the birth of the baby.

Eugene Kulakov

Evgeny Kulakov, who played in the TV series “the Teacher” chemistry teacher, 14
Nov became the father of a pretty girl. Since then the actor is celebrating the birth
daughter almost every day. Enthusiastic father could not comment on an important date: one month from the birth of the baby. The actor has published a photo where posing in the hands of the baby gently
pressed her to him. “These fingers, this happy girl and her parents 14
December was a month!” signed fists published the. Of course,
fans congratulated him with this event and wished the baby and her parents health,
happiness and well-being.

The fate of this wonderfully close-knit and loving family with some
then, watching the whole country. The newborn has an older 13-year-old
brother Elijah, who was diagnosed with autism. Eugene and his wife Olga
just don’t hide this fact, but also strongly highlight the fact that autism can and
you need to handle.

“We later
started, but we recently just remarkable progress. Ilya himself
dresses and undresses. Recently learned to make tea. Yes. It may
look strange, because we rejoice that people at the age of 13 buttoned
sandals. But it gives us hope that in 20 years, if we continue
to work, it will be a different quality of life!”, — said the actor in the air
the program “a Perfect repair”. By the way, under
New year, Ilya had a haircut in a barbershop. Many people might find it
nonsense, but for people with such features haircut in a public place —
an incredible breakthrough in the development.”