The star of “Teacher” became a father for the second time

Звезда «Физрука» стал отцом во второй раз Evgeny Kulakov happy that his daughter was born. The actor took wife Olga and the baby of the perinatal center. Despite the fact that the couple has a child, they still take advice on care from specialists.

Recently the actor of the series “Fizruk” Yevgeny Kulakov became a father for the second time. His wife Olga gave birth to a girl. The artist did not hide joyful event from fans and reported pleasant changes in life through microblogging. “And we, instead of tummy wonderful girl!” – posted by Eugene on Instagram.

Followers Kulakov rushed to congratulate the couple. They wished the baby’s health, and parents strength and patience in raising a child. “I congratulate you! This is so cool! I want the girl is healthy, beautiful, as a mom, and smart! You patience and prosperity!”, “I congratulate you! Good health, good heart, great happiness and a strong Guardian angel”, “Congratulations on the birth of your treasure — your daughter. Let it grow beautiful and clever to the delight of the whole family. Let it be healthy and happy. You, the parents, wish a great deal of patience, effort and energy in raising your Princess!” commented Network users.

Star of the TV series “the Teacher” and “Trail” taken a wife from the perinatal center. Apparently, the birth took place naturally and without complications. Despite the fact that the couple have a 13-year-old child, they are advised how to care for the kids.

“Well, Olya said that more can not be photographed, and came to us Pauline. Olya went to the courses of preparation for natural childbirth, it was perfect. And now Pauline has shown how to bath, a little massage. And lo and behold: the girl was naughty. Pauline took her in a certain way, the girl calmed down and fell asleep sweetly.

Pauline says that the first three months of life can be considered the fourth trimester of pregnancy and you can use some secrets, allowing to meet the needs of fetal life,” shared knowledge Eugene.

The eldest son. was diagnosed with autism and cerebral palsy. The parents try to make so that the child could adapt to the society. He is upset that not all have the necessary conditions for such children.

“Every time I go to his school, I’m ready to cry because there is so sad… No, I’m not saying that school bad teachers, just neither they nor the school as a whole is not prepared to study children and are not aware of the modern approaches in dealing with special children,” said the actor “StarHit”.