Звезда «Реальных пацанов» превратилась в «пышку» Zoya Berber was overweight. The actress, who played a major role in the popular Comedy series “Real boys” have lost the baby weight, and then, by his own admission, recovered.

      Звезда «Реальных пацанов» превратилась в «пышку»

      Spectators of TV channel TNT six years from season to season, watching the cycle of family life of Nikolay Naumov and Lera by Oborin in the series “Real boys.” Zoya Berber, performing the role of a charming blonde, it has become the real star. 28-year-old actress recognized on the streets, follow her in social networks.

      Not surprisingly, when the star gave birth to a child, its subscribers the Network has noticed how rapidly she began to lose weight. However, after some time, this process has stalled, and then turned in the opposite direction. Zoe isn’t upset due to the fact that once again began to recover. Too much thinness she didn’t like.

      “I breast-fed, so he lost. Stopped to feed — back plumper. It happened because together with the mom’s milk away fats and carbs. Of course, some of the fullness may be a consequence of hormonal failure, but in most cases, the woman drops weight with feeding,” says the actress.
      Звезда «Реальных пацанов» превратилась в «пышку»

      Rapid weight loss Berber is due to the fact that she had to be on a strict diet at the recommendation of doctors. To avoid causing the little daughter Nadia allergic reactions, Zoe comply with certain rules in the menu, which led to weight loss.

      “Honestly, I didn’t even like how I look. During the pregnancy I gained 25 pounds, and when my daughter was three months old, had worn a clothing size smaller than my usual. Now I gained was a little chunk, but I still like it,” admits the star in an interview Woman.ru.

      Recall that in may launched a new season of “Real boys” on TNT. This time the audience was waiting for a big surprise. Loved by all hero nick decided to baltinavas members of the local authorities. Through the financial assistance of Sergey Oborin, the moral support of Vova, Antohi and Lera, as well as talent for a new character in the series – PR girls Olesya Gennadievna of, Kolya went to build a political career.

      New “Real boys” on TNT: from the creators of the surprises and difficulties in the Playground

      To prepare for the filming after birth, zoey Berber was only three months old. In June 2015 the actress became a mother, and in the fall she has already joined the work on the series.

      “It was decided in advance that three months after the baby is born I will start shooting the new season. My husband supported me and did not interfere with such an early exit from the decree. It on Alexander went to care for daughter while I was busy working, he’s a wonderful husband and father,” – said Zoya “StarHit”.

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