Татьяна Зайцева рассказала, как пережила смерть сына In 2015, the heir of one of the sisters Zaitsevs Alex died tragically. Seven months later, the woman found the strength to talk about what they feel and how they learned to live on after such loss.

      Татьяна Зайцева рассказала, как пережила смерть сына

      In the fall of 2015 in seven sisters Zaitsevs trouble came. Tatyana’s son Alex was killed, fell from the train. The young man was “Gazprom” and was not kept on the roof of the structure. The circumstances of the incident are still unknown. Mother of Alesha admitted that seven months after the death of his son has not yet learned to talk about him in past tense. The sisters said that they had to go through after the tragedy, and how they found the strength to continue to live. Tatiana Zaitseva buried his son

      “I just live with what they know: my son here, just went away. It’s been seven months and I still think that the funeral was unreal, like a movie filmed,” says Tatiana.
      Татьяна Зайцева рассказала, как пережила смерть сына

      According to the singer, many years ago clairvoyant Maria, to which she accidentally got an appointment, told that a son will leave her. Psychic called Tatyana attached to the child. However, the woman failed to follow the advice of a fortune teller. “I was really crazy mother. We had this amazing connection. Alexa – extraordinary guy. With two years painted pictures, wrote poetry, and what he had a phenomenal memory, you have no idea!”, – says Tatiana.

      A month before the tragedy, the mother and son quarreled. Young man doing parkour. He landed badly, jumping from the roof of the restaurant, Cyprus, and cut her hand. Tatiana’s husband Nick told her about it, she was very offended by Alyosha, and they stopped to chat. After this incident, the mother and son did not have time to talk.

      “He was embarrassed to come to me, he was ashamed, and I first step is not done. Now here are suffering because of this. Aleshki there seven months and I turned nine. We never talked about it,” admitted the singer.

      Elena Zaitseva, for which Alex was like a son, recalls how she had to tell my sister the tragic news. It was on Sabbath the communion in the temple when the call came wife Alesha Aysylu. Elena heard unintelligible yelling into the phone, the girl could not utter a word. Singer knew immediately that it was something awful to Alex.

      “When I found out, it was a most terrifying ordeal – report Tanya. And she disconnected the phone. Dialed nick. Said: “Alesha died.” He said: “Only Tanya don’t talk, I’ll go.” Called him an hour later, but Nick still will not go – could not decide. And it became clear to me that I have to tell Tanya. Nick pleaded, “Just please make it so that Tanya died of this information.” And I don’t understand how she survived,” – says Elena.

      Saying goodbye to Alex at the funeral, the sisters promised that they would not fight each other. However, after the tragedy, they began to quarrel more often. According to the women, they pass a certain test. Tatiana thinks that such behavior is a kind of pain remedy as resentment and bitterness tear the soul. But for a long time to be fighting the twins can’t, after an hour, ask each other for forgiveness.

      As stated by the sisters in an interview with “Telenedelya”, they decided not to carry out a full investigation into the death of Alex, and just learn to move on. One of the sisters Zaitsev denied the version about suicide of the son. Tatiana and Helen send their love and strength to do good deeds, help those in need and do charity work.

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