Звезда «Миссии невыполнимой» отказывается содержать дочь

The star of “Mission impossible” and “the Avengers” Jeremy Renner refuses to support the daughter, born in marriage with Sonny Pacheco. As it became known to journalists, Sonny was forced to file for Renner to court due to the fact that he is not fulfilling a court order. In confirmation of his words, that she no longer sees alimony from former lover, Sonny posted a quote of their correspondence, from which it is clear that participation in the life of 3-year-old daughter ava Jeremy doesn’t want to.

I don’t understand, Sonny, why do you again come to ask for money. I don’t have any cash. I’m sorry you’re not able to provide the Avu, with more than 300 thousand”, — stated in the correspondence of the ex-spouses. Thus journalists of the information portal TMZ adds that Renner only required a monthly payment of kindergarten in the amount of $ 1,600, and also alimony, which to date has accumulated in the amount of 48 thousand 367 dollars.

The response of the actor or his representatives has not yet followed.

Recall, Jeremy Renner and Sonny Pacheco put an end to their joint family life in December 2015.

According to the documents, which then became available to the press, the 44-year-old Renner didn’t have to pay spousal support to his ex. However, Jeremy had to fully support his daughter Ava and pay her $ 13 thousand per month. In addition, to this amount, plus five percent, that actor will have to pay every year when he earns more than $ 2.3 million. Custody of the daughter the couple shared, and so the actor will be able to see Ava, when she wants to.


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