Звезда «Дома-2» Рима Пенджиева оголилась на пляже She showed mouth-watering figure on holiday in Israel. Ex-member of telestroke Rome Pendzhiev not only does not hesitate of rounded shapes, but on the contrary, willingly shows them. Fans admire the charm of the brunette.

      Rome Bangieva, known for the filming of the project “Dom-2”, having fun at the Dead sea. As it turned out, to get to Israel, she wanted a very long time. Escaping from the cold climate, plus twenty-six, the girl first went swimming. However, the water was warm enough, and Rome moved into the pool. Despite this, the plus size model staged on the beach the whole photo shoot.

      Pendzhiev posed in a two-piece, showing the fans of appetizing forms on all sides. Followers praised the courage of the girl and made her a lot of compliments. “Remus, very beautiful bow! Very attractive!”, “You’re cool!”, “The bomb, beautiful!”, “Gorgeous! The chest is a dream!”, “Remus! Umnichka! A wonderful holiday to you! Lyapota!”, “Remus, you are very beautiful!” – wrote in the microblog brunettes fans.

      Pendzhiev also said that he is in good spirits and happy to be on vacation. It turned out that there she will not stay long, but it is not an obstacle to joy. Maybe then she will go somewhere else.

      “Friends, well, huge Hello to all of Israel, the Dead sea. We have just bought in the sea, but there is, of course, long aleissa. A little moistened his limbs and his body and decided to go for a swim in the pool, because here you can sunbathe, and fresh water. Very pleased that sunshine we have here are good. Like, not very many people. Came here just for one day, without notebooki. Fry your buns. All good mood, good day,” – said in Instagram, the former occupant of telestroke.

      Some netizens began to wonder why Pendzhiev went to Israel and how she spends time there. Also surprised emotional reaction Rima on one of mestnyh attractions.

      “I came to stay at my dear friend Olia. We have great time here together. You asked why I was crying at the wailing Wall: friends, you know, when people come here, they are crying. Every person in any age has pain and it may be associated with different things: with parents and friends, with women’s happiness – a lot. And, touching this wall, it begins to pass through this pain right there. Such is the special atmosphere,” said the model live “Instagram”.