Alexander Buinov: “I Will fight to the last”

Александр Буйнов: «Буду бороться до последнего» Singer realized that fate was punishing him. On the eve of the birthday, which will occur on March 24, Alexander Buinov has shared important insights, which he made in his life. The actor told how hypnotherapy brought to tears and explained why he has never been caught bitches.

      Александр Буйнов: «Буду бороться до последнего»

      This week, 24 March, Alexander Buynova will be 67 years old. Despite his age, he looks great – fit, energetic. “Is celebrated every year. Early friends, the whole evening sang songs “Beatles”, we bryakal the guitar and kissing passionately until the morning – shared violent with “StarHit”. – And now a little bit different. We are older now. But the drive and the fun has not diminished. Gather friends, will walk in my house or at a restaurant until morning.” On the eve of Alexander admitted that much of life is reinterpreted and often overcomes nostalgia.

      Tears Pugacheva

      “I can’t grow out of rock’ n ‘ roll pants. In like 20-25 years, – says Alexander. – So many vivid memories… Hippie, long-haired guys, beautiful girls in bell-bottom pants with baubles. How hard in those days, we got jeans and vinyl records! And spending the night in the female dorms… Many years have passed, but at heart I’m a romantic binge, it’s done me much help.

      I romanticised to such an extent that even the army seemed exciting game of secrets. Married the first year of life, ran to my wife, I caught, imprisoned. Dostoevsky resting. By the way, called when I worked as a keyboardist in the group “Buffoons”, it was created by Alexander Gradsky. For two years of service it came from only one letter: “Sanya, come back quickly. “Clowns” are falling apart. All become a whore”. The other members wrote: “come Back soon. City has become a whore”. When in 1971 I came back the group was gone. Sanya and we still communicate.

      I wrote some songs about the days youth, “the Beatles.” Very few people show these songs, they are in the style of a hard rock sound so that friends ask: “Who sings this?” And the producer says that it is not necessary to shock the people. Got rid of the audio files in WhatsApp Pugacheva, she said, “Touched to tears. Buzz!”
      Александр Буйнов: «Буду бороться до последнего»

      Never keep children from a computer. First you put on them games to kiss and then they are no “shooters” I can not live. My daughter Julia (from his second marriage. – Approx. “StarHit”) three children: 11-year-old Sasha and girl twins Dasha and Sonya, they are seven. It is clear that education, they somehow get. I’m more worried about their physical education. Girls go to a dance club, maybe both will give in a “death spiral.” A question I regularly asked grandson: “Sanya, what do you have for gym?” He is engaged in Taekwondo. Recently boasted that participated in regional competitions. I ask him: “Sasha, here you have a letter for fourth place. And you were only four?” He replied: “No, you’re under a hundred people!” I do not understand the burn.

      Александр Буйнов: «Буду бороться до последнего»

      My life consists of bad habits, and that makes me feel good. With the restructuring came a new fashion, we learned how many delicious beverages there! Since I like to sit with a glass of good wine in the company of friends. I love to drive, I drive like a professional driver, driving rest. Usually personal driver sitting next to me. The sport is not particularly engaged. But when you rest on the sea, swim a lot. Also at home in Moscow I have two pools. Can run with dogs – I have a Bernese mountain dog named Marcello, a healthy dog, and Jack Russell Masha.

      Most importantly, I feel good, I try to observe the regime. However, on tour is not always possible. Sometimes after the speech, I want to eat mercilessly. By the way, I don’t smoke, gave up ten years ago. Without any agony, probably helped by the attitude towards this process – not fighting, just stopped and everything…


      I – fatalist. I think that what will be, will be. So take any attack… but the fight going to the last. In life nothing just happens, tests are given to us as a punishment – from God, from Providence or from space. I’d say good and bad I was 50: 50.

      Most of the events that I regret, is associated with women. I brought pain, misery. Used and betrayed, but always took the blame. By the way, maybe because I was lucky with the ladies – there was not a single bitch. Every time I meet a new love, believed it was forever.

      Began the novel, I prefer equality in relationships. However, the male selfishness is still present in some revenue. I love sincere feelings, when you don’t have izgalyatsya, to drive on the lame goat. If between a man and a woman appears a plasma and they break away from each other, it is better to plunge into the abyss of passion, than to beat around the Bush.

      Wife is my most precious gift in life. The one who again always gives an unpredictable meeting. One day, I met Alena, and by some magic we 30 years sleeping in the same bed. I can call myself totally happy. Although Alena likes to say: “Never say that phrase, because I think only morons”. She means that just imagine a person with the goofy smile and the two bashers to eat, well, sex. For me, happiness is to live violently, participate in events, get in his face, to see a million viewers who accept me. Not like to think about. There are today, maximum tomorrow, and what will happen in a year or two, a little worried”.