The star of “Game of thrones” got engaged with his beloved

Звезда «Игры престолов» обручился с любимой
Kit Harington has finally proposed to Leslie rose.

Kit Harington and rose Leslie


Fans of kit Harington learnt that delighted them
news: the actor got engaged with his girlfriend, actress Leslie rose. About it
told one of the friends of the whale, which he reported that he and Leslie are engaged.

In fact, all have been waiting for that
30-year-old Harrington will make a proposal to rose, because they’ve been Dating for quite some time. Their
the affair began five years ago when Keith and Leslie met on the set of “Game
of thrones”. After all, rose was also involved in the filming of the cult show — she played “wildling” Ygritte in the first two seasons. However, in 2013, had spread
hearing that the lovers supposedly broke up. However, just a few months later them again
began to be seen together. And in January of this year, Keith announced that he and Leslie decided
to live together, which the actor bought a house in the East of Britain, for which he had
to shell out almost 2 million pounds.

Interestingly, when
Harrington decided to talk about it live show, clearly proud of his
act, he had to face an unexpected reaction to the news from
side Nicole Kidman, also invited to this show. “I
absolutely happy — because I now live with my beloved, which, moreover, is
and my best friend!” he said. To which Nicole replied: “It certainly
it’s great that you live together. But when you finally marry her?
Before you settle her into your house, they could at least propose to her! Understand
me wrong, I care about rose!” — she reprimanded a 30-year-old actor Kidman. Then he blushed and muttered that he, of course, Leslie is getting married — someday.