Spice Girls вынуждены выступать под другим названием из-за одной из «перчинок» The soloist popular in 90 of the team took this step to avoid a lawsuit from Mel C for copyright infringement. At the time, the singer wrote songs for the group and, accordingly, is co-owner of the rights to the hits, and the brand itself. Apparently, scheduled for 2017 tour will leave only three “peppercorns”.

      Spice Girls вынуждены выступать под другим названием из-за одной из «перчинок»

      Three “peppercorns” – Mel b, Emma bunton and Geri Halliwell Horner noted the end of summer bachelorette party. Instead of a restaurant or night club to meet is the kitchen of Emma, instead of champagne and caviar on the table stood a bottle of red wine, which the singer drank from mugs. From the outside it looked like a typical family get-togethers three adult ladies over forty, for a few hours slavivshii somewhere husbands and children.

      However, few adults family ladies could boast of such an agenda. Mel, Emma and Geri were discussing next year’s tour on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the release of the first of the hit group the Spice Girls, which promises to bring them to $14 million dollars on the nose. However, they will be three, not five, and posters will have to print another name – GEM.

      Worst friend

      That magnificent Trinity will not be able to use the promoted brand, is to blame former member of the group Mel C wishing to send this part of his biography for eternal storage in mothballs. She took part in a nostalgia tour Spice Girls in 2007, but made the rest of the Quartet at the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, made it clear that it was her last tour.

      “Did you have to revive each group that was popular in the 90s? – said Mel C. – Let’s leave the past alone. I met up with the girls, but their motivation seemed questionable, and I used to listen to your instincts”.
      Spice Girls вынуждены выступать под другим названием из-за одной из «перчинок»

      And the right to the singer after the group disbanded in 2001, releasing six solo albums, limited to refusal to participate in the tour. Mel C went further, threatening to prohibit the use of the name of the Spice Girls through the courts. “As a composer and poet who wrote songs for the group, she is the co-owner of the copyrights on many of the hits and the brand itself,” say sources from the environment of the singer.

      If it discouraged the supporters of the reunification for a short while. They made up the word GEM from the first letters of the names. It is translated as “precious stone”. And in July started to record new songs. The first opus includes the following lines: “Wipe away the tears of doubt, fly along with your dreams and don’t forget the girl in the woman you’ve become.” Perhaps this is partly addressed to Victoria Beckham, who also refused to participate in the project.


      Spice Girls вынуждены выступать под другим названием из-за одной из «перчинок»

      Victoria claimed that all her time is divided between family and business, but she wants the revived group the best of luck. Translated into human language, successful designer and mother of four children was wrong to jump on stage in their underwear. Of all five it has achieved the greatest success. Solo singing career, Geri and Mel C did not allow them to stay at the level of former glory, Mel b makes a living sitting in the jury of the British version of the program “Minute of fame”, and Emma is now better known in England as a broadcaster. However, Emma claims that Victoria might change her mind.

      In spite of everything: some of the happiest moments in the family Beckham

      “Vicki, there are different moods,” says bunton. – When I was at her birthday party, David Beckham was very impressed by our idea and began to encourage his wife: “come on, for me.” He first saw her on TV in the clip, Spice Girls and immediately knew I had to marry her. For him with a group associated with many romantic memories! I think he’ll have a quiet word”.

      Of course, say, because David is willing to do anything to once in a while to tear Vicky from her own fashion label and under any pretext to take from America to Britain. But the girls from GEM are not going to wait for her for too long. “We need to implement the plan next year,” says Mel B. We are all not getting any younger, so there is nothing to pull the cat’s tail.”