Прохор Шаляпин ищет невесту побогаче During the broadcast on DFM radio presenter of the morning program Julia Pago asked the singer questions that were sent by the listeners. During the recording the actor laughed, sneered, but didn’t try to hide his true feelings to what is happening. Prokhor Chaliapin was an enthusiastic participant in the conversation, during which he revealed that he is looking for a rich and beautiful bride.

      Most listeners were interested in the question about preferences about the ladies. The singer admitted that he likes older ladies because they are much more experienced. Pago unambiguously hinted that in this case u would have liked the relationship with the Hope of Babkina, but the singer wisely disown the potential to link the fate of the people’s artist of Russia.

      “I respect the Hope of Georgievna, but she’s too young for me”

      But the hot interest caused a recognition in relation to the companion. Recall that Prokhor Chaliapin endured over the last several novels. They all received universal publicity and mostly condemnation. With her latest fling with Anna Kalashnikova, the singer broke up publicly after results of the DNA test that disproved the paternity of the singer. The story ended with the breakup of the star couple. Although their Union was initially attributed to the status of a “perfect relationship”. Moreover, before the whole country watched with interest the development of his novel “the age businesswoman” Larisa Kopenkina. We must indicate that soon after this vivid relationship came to an end, and divorce proceedings the pair were literally in front of the entire country.

      Larissa Kopenkina about Prokhor Chaliapin: “leave me alone!”

      Now the artist implicitly declares that his desire is to bring the fate of the one who is older and stands firmly on its feet financially. The desire Pago to clarify this point, the singer replied that he would be more comfortable being in a relationship with someone who would be maximally self-sufficient and did not need additional support from his side. According to Chaliapin, he would have been a great relationship with the one that boasts beautiful appearance and Bank balance.

      “I need a beautiful, rich. Even if I got nothing, but I know that she feels sympathy for me. If you’re the Governor’s daughter, call the program!”

      It should be noted that conversations on such topics artist was not embarrassed, and Julia Pago just tried to make fun of Shalyapin, reminding him of the number of TV programs that came out of his participation. Prokhorov explained that what would be the PR move was, he nevertheless helps the singer to stay afloat. In his view, if there is a desire to earn money and to be invited to various events, you need to declare. He believes that even concerts in provincial towns, people will go only when people known to them, but it should not detract from his talents.