Испанский футболист продал яхту, чтобы помочь беженцам

And what are you prepared to help the disadvantaged? 36-year-old Javier Hernandez Creus, known as Xavi, abandoned nine-meter luxury yacht.

As reported by Spanish newspaper El Models, nine-meter vessel, equipped with a powerful engine 325 CV, called Pelopina will be sold at auction. Awarded funds will be transferred to the charity Fund Proactiva Open Arms, which is in the business of rescuing people in the Mediterranean sea, in particular, assistance to refugees, sailing to the coast of Greece.

The Spanish player has already signed a contract with representatives of Proactiva Open Arms, and they, in turn, thanked him in social networks.

“Recently, the football player Xavi Hernandez reviewed our work and decided to give up his yacht in order to increase the amount of material resources needed to continue the mission of helping refugees. Thank You, Javi. Your actions will save many lives”, – reads the statement of Proactiva Open Arms on the page in Facebook.

Said kindness Xavi and Internet users. “Xavi is not the first time participates in charity events. He and his wife after their wedding has transferred a large sum of money to the hospital Sant Juan de Deu in Spain”, “How pleasant it is to watch people who have tasted success, help people and serve as a role model,” wrote in the comments of the fans of the player.

In recent times, recall the number of refugees in the world exceeded the critical mark of 60 million people.

In addition to Xavi to people forced to flee their homes, help Angelina Jolie, brad pitt, Victoria and David Beckham and many other celebrities.

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