Бритни Спирс готова к новому роману

Personal life of American singer Britney Spears more like a roller coaster with steep climbs and sharp drops, but even two failed marriages did not disappoint in her relationships with men and she, as before, full of hope and romance. About it the actress said in an interview with an Australian radio station.

“I have in the past been terrible relationships and unsuccessful marriages, but I’m still a hopeless romantic. Even my difficult marriage killed my faith in love. I agree that with experience comes the ability to protect your heart, but I don’t want to shut it down from love” — said 34-year-old singer and added that to conquer her simply. It is, as before, she loves bouquets and romance of the first meetings. Heart Britney free, so one of the fans can seize the moment and get the pop Princess. To meet Spears in Los Angeles, but in the clubs it is not to look.
“I now reside in Las Vegas, but all the club life is passing me by. My show is very loud, so noise is enough for me. I don’t like hangouts. But I love my job. Love everything about her, even routine,” said the star.

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